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Articles & Research

Articles from August 2015

The Need-To-Know when Supplementing for Strength & Performance

Before I {JUMP} in, I just want you to think about how many supplements you currently take to improve your performance or strength.. And would you say your diet is on point? See the thing is, supplements are supposed to be an addition to a diet that is already nourishing you; the supplement then simply […]

Enjoying Food & Getting Creative In The Kitchen

Whether you like the food in your diet or not, it will get boring eating the same food over and over! But what do you do when you don’t have the time to make fancy meals or you just don’t know what to make. There’s only so many ways you can have chicken and broccoli! […]

Your Own, Personal Fat Loss Walkthrough

I have been thinking a lot this week regarding what to write about next and, after I had such a good response to my talk on Fat Loss & Definition on the weekend, I decided to write you up a similar thing to help guide you through the process of Fat Loss – Your Own, […]

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