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Articles from September 2015

Why We Don’t Have Cardio Machines and Perhaps Why You Shouldn’t Either

With a title like that, this sounds as if it’s going to be a very self-absorbed, opinionated post but please withhold judgement as the content will actually help you look at cardiovascular exercise differently and really re-think you’re training plan.. or at least help you understand our reasoning a bit more. I constantly get the […]

The 9 Indicators that You’re NOT Training Properly

I’m not judging you for making these mistakes, my intention is to help you STOP making them and help you finally achieve your goals and live a fitter and healthier life. It certainly isn’t uncommon to feel like you’re getting nowhere with your training; it’s even more common to convince yourself you’re doing the right […]

The Perfect Deadlift

The deadlift is most arguably an essential foundation to base every strength training program on. But WHY? Why does every fitness professional and fitness enthusiast think it is so essential to perform this movement? Let me explain by first teaching you a bit about the anatomy of the ‘Core’ – a very misunderstood term. The […]

My 10 Favourite Lies About Developing Admirable Abdominals

At least 80% of the goals I hear relate to either attaining washboard abs or a flat stomach; so in the good name of comedy, I’m going to share some of my favourite ‘jokes’ about achieving that magnificent mid-section. Sit ups and planks everyday is a guaranteed path to what you desire There is no […]

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