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Articles from November 2015

Say NO to Winter Dieting

Despite the fact that I not a fan (understatement) of the fact that the definition of the word ‘diet’ has been completely abolished and now just means ‘a fixed, automated, unpleasant eating routine to make you lose weight’ My goal is NOT to get you onto or off of a diet, but to get you […]

The Problem With Sitting and How To Fix It

Sitting has been slated quite a lot lately with studies suggesting that it shortens life span and causes weight gain, promotes some types of cancer and slows your metabolism; here’s an excellent podcast by Sigma Nutrition on the subject that you will definitely benefit from listening to But I’m on a whole other wavelength to […]

Pessimistic Optimism and The Truth You Probably Don’t Want To Hear

When I write these blogs, I try to crack into your heads and find some hidden questions you have about health, fitness, exercise, nutrition, etc. (It’s a lot easier if you just tell me what you want to know) For some reason, there are only a select few topics that people feel confident asking fitness […]

How To Make Your Own Training Program

I’m fed up of seeing these ready-made, copy-me programs that are sold to you on the basis that the guy who’s selling it looks in great shape… it’s a load of gumf and any half-decent fitness professional will tell you that! I get how the seller thinks it will work though. The majority of them […]

How’s That for 6 Week’s Progress?

Not so long ago, at the beginning of September (9th), Ben Neil (after winning 6 weeks of 1-2-1 training alongside a Personal Trainer) Started his journey with RAW. Ben had a bit of experience training in gyms and at home, but never anything like what his next 6 weeks with RAW would be! When Ben […]

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