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Articles from January 2016

Paralysis by Analysis

That’s a really meaningful quote from Voltaire that always helps me refocus my work. Recently, I’ve had a few questions coming through, asking my professional view on some really technical topics: – Insulin Spikes & Carb Cycling – Body Re-Composition – Functional Transfer of Olympic Lifting – Nutrient Timing – Optimal Rep Range for Hypertrophy […]

The Vegan Walkthrough: What SHOULD You Eat?

First of all, I’d like to thank everyone so much for the excellent feedback we had on last week’s blog. Which is part of what inspired me for this week’s write up. I had a series of topics to write about for The Vegan Walkthrough, which I was planning on releasing throughout the year. But […]

The Vegan Walkthrough: The Starter Pack

With every major change you make, particularly when it requires this much thought, you have to start with WHY. Although most people become vegan because of animal cruelty, there are also a few other reasons why some people take this path: – longevity (staying alive for longer) – health reasons – ethical reasons – religious […]

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