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Key things you’ll learn in this blog:

+ A (less than) 15-minute routine to do first thing in the morning

+ How to Create Motivation

+ How to simplify ‘the calorie equation’

+ Why huge deficits are not good for your body

+ Just how much of a role water plays in getting a lean physique

Simplifying the calorie equation

About a week or so ago, I posted the question up on facebook asking what you wanted me to write about… and with the responses I got there was a clear winner.

So today’s blog is going to answer the question: what daily routines can you do to help you get a flat stomach?

Now, I don’t want to be rude, but figures show that most people that are trying to get a flat stomach have more trouble with losing fat from their stomach than with ‘toning’ the muscle.

Therefore the first and most important thing for achieving a flat stomach is reducing your fat percentage.

Now I’ll explain this a bit more in a little while, but the basics of the calorie equation are as follows:

Calories In (30% more than required) > Calories Out = gain weight (fat and muscle)

Calories In (30% less than required) < Calories Out = lose weight (fat and muscle)

Now that seems like quite an issue when we consider that you want to be fit and lean (a.k.a low fat and high muscle), meaning that we want the muscle gain of the first equation and the fat loss of the second.

But, when we introduce resistance training and keep the deficit/surplus within a reasonable (<30%) range from your requirements, the equation ends up looking more like this:

Calories In > Calories Out (including resistance training) = muscle gain exclusively

Calories In < Calories Out (including resistance training) = fat loss exclusively

So then we can look at this more calmly and all you have to answer is the following question:

Which do I want most; muscle gain or fat loss?

Now on the basis that you’re reading a blog on getting a flat stomach, I’m going to assume that you want to lose fat?

This means that what we need to focus on is fast, energy-consuming exercise.

And to make this fit into a busy routine, we need to burn the most calories possible in the shortest period of time.

So on that note, here’s the first way to get your 6-pack stomach

1.Burning the Calories (a 15-minute exercise routine)

Below are 4 simple, bodyweight exercises that are incredibly calorie-costing and can be one first thing in the morning or just before you jump in the shower:

(These exercises are suitable for people that are in good personal health and without any injuries. You should always consult your doctor or a fitness specialist before undergoing any physical activity)

1. Burpees- This is a plyo-cardio movement that works your entire torso (including tummy) and legs at once. It’s a three-part exercise that most people tend to dread, and for good reason! They are hard. Meaning you have to use lots of fuel (calories) to perform them.

2. Mountain climbers- Now these can sometimes feel like a punishment, but they are one of the best core working and fat burning moves out there that don’t require a single bit of equipment; so get used to them!

3. Aleknas – This is one we always rave on about at RAW, because it’s such a good exercise for anyone looking to tone up their core. It may be the least calorific of the four in this list, but by keeping your back flat when the extension of the movement, your abs will burn and you’ll encourage a straighter posture that will have you holding yourself in a much healthier position, creating better aesthetics and better defense against injuries.

4. Planks- The undeniably excellent exercise for core stability and better posture. It’s an essential exercise for just about everyone.

You have 1 minute per exercise to complete as much reps/time under tension as you can; totaling up 4 minutes work and then resting for 1 minute. Repeat this 3 times and you’ll have burnt a whole load of calories and brought yourself a big step closer to your flat stomach.

The whole routine should take you a maximum of 15 minutes and you can repeat it daily.

Creating the Motivation

If you can’t find the time for a 15-minute routine in the morning; do it in the evening. If you can’t find the time to do it at either end of the day, then perhaps you don’t want to achieve this as much as you think you do.

It’s easy to make the excuse that you don’t have enough time; you’re always really busy… but so is everyone else!

You need to remember that your body is your tool to success and your entire worldly experience is relative to the body you have; so it’s time to start paying it some respect and start investing in your health. Don’t try ‘find’ time to do it; ‘MAKE’ time to do it.

By setting goals and involving others in the process, letting people know your intentions and declaring them out-loud to yourself; you’ll create more motivation for achieving the result you are aiming for out of sheer principle.

Alternatively, get your friends or family members to do this with you as a 30-day challenge to experiment with how your bodies react to the change of routine. Once you start seeing the results, you’ll be hooked and motivation won’t even be needed.

“Commitment is doing the hard work when you don’t have the motivation to do it.”

2.Eat More Burn More

Using more calories than you take in is the key to lowering fat in your body, but it does not work the same for everyone because of the difference in how your body responds

Sometimes, increasing your calorie intake can be better for fat loss; giving your body more energy to work harder in your exercise and burn more calories overall. To know if it will be better to increase calories, try monitoring your performance when training (how many reps and sets you did, how much resistance you handled and how long you could perform for). This will show if it’s working for you and how to manage your daily calorie income combining with calories you use in daily life style. It your performance increase; keep them calories up. If it decreases or doesn’t change; knock them back down.

3.Water for Fat Loss?

The most basic advice I would recommend for anyone to lose fat would be making sure you drink enough water. It often gets swept to the side because we already know it, but if you can get this right your results will definitely improve. It is the small changes that add up to the big results, so start take this more serious if you want to achieve best results possible.

Here’s the result of a powerful study I found on the effect of increased water intake:

“After drinking about 17 ounces of water the subjects metabolic rates or rates at with calories are burned increases by 30% for men and women. The increases occurred with 10 min of water consumption and reached a maximum after about 30 to 40 minutes.”

The researchers estimated that, over the course of a year, a person who increases his water consumption by 1.5 litres a day would burn an extra 17,400 calories, for a weight loss of approximately five pounds.

(These findings are reported in the December issues of The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism)


By combining all of this together, you will be in a much better position to achieve the body you want.

I hope you enjoyed this blog, and if you want professional help with getting these right and making them fit you, I will be more that happy to help you with any questions you have.

Just comment them below or e-mail me here

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