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Health Comes Second

Not what you were expecting?

You’re used to hearing me tell you how your health is the number one priority

But today I’m going to tell you different!

Picture your average morning..

-You wake up to that annoying alarm on your snazzy new smartphone and you slip into a pair of fine slippers and your warm fluffy robe.

-You head through to the living room and stick your flatscreen TV on to watch that morning show whilst you make your coffee with that top-of-the-range Espresso machine that you wanted.


-You get dressed into your smart suit/dress with those expensive shoes and a designer watch and jewelry to finish the look

-Jump into your brand new 65′ plate car and head to work

Now I could go on, but it would get pretty boring pretty quickly.

That may not be specifically your morning routine but don’t worry, the details aren’t the important bit.

The point is:

You spend a lot of money on things that don’t have a Return Of Interest

And that’s fine! I’m not telling you what you shouldn’t spend money on

But think about those possessions you have that you spent good money on just to make your life more comfortable, enjoyable, easier or to be more happy….

I bet there’s quite a lot

One of the biggest “barriers” that I see from people on a day to day basis is that they cannot “afford” the investment.

Cannot AFFORD to invest in themselves, in a training regime, in a coach.

Yet it’s one of the ONLY things that will truly let you reach those goals of an easier, happier life.

And yet you limit yourself with the choice to invest in yourself.

Have a think about ONE of those examples… the new iPhone will cost you around £600, or perhaps you’ll opt for a monthly plan of £30-£50 a month with an initial payment upfront.

Our Coaching starts at £68 per month for an investment directly IN you.

To help you become..

– Healthier
– Happier
– More comfortable
– More confident
– More energetic
– Focused
– Positive

and every other bloomin’ positive emotion you can feel! -THAT is our aim.

With a focus on what matters to you.

Is that really not worth your time or investment?

The chances are that you have the money there..

The only choice you have to make is what comes first..

Needless possessions


Your Health and Happiness

I know what I would choose (And I do choose)

If you really want to achieve a body and health that you’re happy with, make an enquiry today to see how we can help you achieve a better, healthier life.

There’s a reason we say

Invest In Your Health

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