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9 Step Process to Better Posture

Anyone who has trained at RAW or has even just spoken to me about physique or back pain, will know how much I crack on about posture.

But I have good reason.

It plays such a huge role in so many goals like:

Flat Stomach

Pain Relief


Injury Prevention


Aerobic Endurance

And yet we dismiss it as just one of those things that we know we should do, but we don’t.

In every training session I deliver, a big component of the warm up and cool down is postural correction & optimisation; we go through drills to help people position their spine, hips and shoulders into better alignment and gradually over time everyone starts to adopt the right position, even when at home or work and the results we get are awesome!

Anyway, I want to share with you the steps we go through in these drills so you can start improving your posture too!

This routine takes no more than 3 minutes and caters for most (but not all) postural faults.

So give yourself 3 minutes and just zone out of everything except your body position.

The majority of these 3 minutes will be spent with your eyes closed, so make sure you have this in your head before you start.

Step 1: Close your eyes and breathe deeply, but calmly.

Step 2: Start thinking about your spacial position, picturing your pelvis as a bucket full of water.

Step 3: Find the middle of your left & right and front & back weight distribution, where no water is being spilt out of the bucket, then stiffen in that position.

Step 4: Hold that stiff and, with a deep inhalation, lift your entire frame (stomach, ribs, chest, shoulder blades, shoulders and spine) up, allowing a bit of water to pour out the back of your bucket.

Step 5: Holding all those positions, exhale slowly and smoothly, allowing your frame to lower without altering your spinal or pelvic positioning.

Step 6: Stiffen all of that and start to become familiar with where that position is, how it feels and what muscles are working to keep you there.

Step 7: Without breaking your position, lift your arms out in front and then pull your elbows back, either side of your head.

Step 8: Keep all the joints and muscles in your back in their current position and tuck your elbows down to your sides.

Step 9: Relax all of your tense muscles, without altering your position; you are now in the best possible posture you can get at this moment.

Try to make time for this at least 4 times per day and the results you get will be awesome!

We’re always looking into ways we can help you accelerate your results with extra help (a ‘perfect posture program’ being one of my thoughts), so please give me some guidance on what would benefit you.

If you have a particular issue or area that you’d like our help with, let me know in the comments below or by email to

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