Owner and Head Coach

I founded RAW and am part of the coaching team here.

Although most of my work is more specialised (injuries, medical conditions and athletes), I make sure that I’m regularly involved in running our semi-private sessions too.

I’m lively, driven and passionate about what we do, so don’t be surprised to see me bouncing around the room at 6am!

I have strong beliefs about the quality of service that the fitness industry offers and am active in the development of higher standards of health professionals.

But exercise and health are very personal things to each of us, so I make it a priority to keep a very close connection with all our members and to always be available for a chat or some advice.​


What are my interests?

Olympic and Power Lifting

Pre and Post Natal Health

Strength and Conditioning

Running Technique
Injury Rehabilitation

How did I get into the Fitness Industry?

From a young age, I performed competitively in various sports (Squash, Football, Field & Track Athletics) and got into fitness as I began to train more. I found a love for exercise, nutrition and the physiology of the body. I became qualified as a Personal Trainer and began my career working in various formats – fitness studio,  commercial gym, running coaching, group fitness and even teaching PT courses.​

My passion grew stronger as I went along, but I never felt like any format allowed me to offer the level of service people truly wanted. I spent just about every break between my work hours going off to do courses and writing up the business plan that would later become RAW; the place where I could offer people exactly what they were after!

What is it like to train with me?

With a range of qualifications, I train with all sorts of different people for different needs, so the training will look different for each person. HOWEVER, there are a few trends that you might find:

– I will happily speak lots about the science behind what I have planned for your training

– I will keep your programme progressing with you, so don’t expect to do the same thing twice

– I’ll make it fun! I love to keep things exciting and challenging, so even the most discouraged person can have fun looking after their health


Fitness Coach

Hi, I’m Danny!


What am I interested in?

Coming soon!

How did I get into the Fitness Industry?

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What is it like to train with me?

Coming soon!

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