Owner and Head Coach

I am the owner and founder of RAW and you’ll see me in the facility most hours of the day. I

I have a very close connection with all our members and am always available for emergency advice on nutrition, injuries and motivation.​

What are my areas of specialty?

Injury Rehabilitation and Biomechanics (Science of Movement)

Body Transformation

Sports Performance, Nutrition and Psychology

Olympic Lifting and Power Lifting

Running Technique & Fitness

How did I get into the Fitness Industry?

From a young age, I performed competitively in various sports (Squash, Football, Track & Field) and moved into fitness as I began to train more for my sports. I found a love for exercise, nutrition and the physiology of the body, so decided to study it. The more I studied the more I wanted to know. Throughout my career so far, I’ve been able to work in many different environments:

–  Fitness Studios

–  Commercial Gyms

–  Clients’ homes

–  Outdoors

–  Athletics Tracks

–  Sports Grounds

–  Local Schools and Colleges

Of all the places I’ve had the pleasure to work from, nowhere is quite like my home here at RAW

What is it like to train with me?

With a range of qualifications, I train with all sorts of different people for different needs so the training can be a bit of anything. I always aim to be lead by my clients and prefer when someone can tell me exactly what they want, because then I can work out exactly how to get there.

I’m a high energy, but analytical person, keen to leave each session feeling as though I’ve given someone the best service I can.


Fitness Coach

Hi, my name is Karen and I’m a Level 3 qualified Personal Trainer. I trained at RAW as member for over 2 years before I joined the team in 2018.

I feel very privileged to be part of the RAW team and I can honestly say that it was the best career move I have made. The level of satisfaction from seeing clients work hard and progress towards their goals is phenomenal and being a part of that progression is so very rewarding.​

What are my areas of specialty?


Power Lifting


Human Physiology

Nutrition for Weight Management

Special Populations​

How did I get into the Fitness Industry?

I have always been interested in sports and as a child participated in a wide range of sporting activities. I took out my first gym membership when I was 18 and my passion for exercise really took off from there. I have since participated in running events, including the King’s Lynn GEAR and Run Norwich, and frequented many fitness classes including Jitsu, Kettlebells, HIIT, Boot Camp, Aerial Hoop, Pole Fitness and Aerial Silks.​

I first came to RAW in February 2016 as a member, consistently training 4 times a week, every week! ​

Through my time at RAW I developed a profound interest in the fitness industry and soon decided that this was a career I wanted to pursue at a professional level. The opportunity arose for me to develop a career at RAW and I immediately knew this was what I wanted. I since gained my Level 2 Fitness Instructor qualification and later my Level 3 Personal Training qualification through an apprenticeship at RAW.

What’s it like to train with me?

I truly believe that as a member of RAW you are ‘investing in your health’ and so I like to see you put in 110% towards achieving your goals and, as per all of us at RAW, will support you every step of the way!


Fitness Coach and Head of Marketing

Hi, I’m Steff, I’m a Level 3 qualified Personal Trainer and have joined the RAW Team as a specialist trainer and programme writer. I too was a member for 18 months before joining the team back in 2017. I consider it a true privilege to be able to help facilitate and witness clients improve their lives through exercise and lifestyle change. My fitness journey has been a long one and I am always happy to share my experiences with you to hopefully save you making some of the same mistakes that I made along the way!

What are my areas of specialty?

Pre and Post Natal

Olympic Lifting & Power Lifting


Weight Loss & Management

Mindset Coaching

Nutrition Psychology

How did I get into the Fitness Industry?

How did I get into the fitness industry? Well, like most of you reading this I was looking to make changes to my lifestyle and health which set me on a path of discovery. Whilst chasing my own goals I discovered many different fitness disciplines – Olympic Lifting, Powerlifting, HIIT, Endurance Training, Yoga, Pilates…. the list goes on. And on! I therefore decided that the best way forward was to become a Personal Trainer to feed my intrigue and let me delve deeper into the science. A few years, lots of textbooks and some amazing mentorship – here I am!

What’s it like to train with me?

I whole-heartedly believe that exercise can be immensely enjoyable- not a punishment or something to dread. When training with me I will strive to ensure you leave each session feeling that you have achieved something and you’re excited to come back for more. Of course, hard work is required and a level of dedication and self-discipline is needed, as you will be challenged and have to dig deep to get the changes that you want. But know this: it is incredibly rewarding when you can look back and realise ‘wow, my knees don’t hurt when I kneel anymore’ or ‘I can chase after my kids and not feel like my chest is going to explode’ or ‘I deadlifted my bodyweight today!’

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