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No More Taboo: Synchronising your training with your Menstrual Cycle

Bizarrely, despite the amount of impact it has on diet and exercise, the female menstrual cycle is often deemed an awkward subject to discuss, especially with a male trainer! It often takes a long time (I’m talking up to 6 months) before a female client feels comfortable to talk to me about their period, and […]

Could Exercise Be SLOWING DOWN Your Weight Loss?

Scary title, right? But what’s even more scary is that it is often the case! You’ve been wanting to lose weight all this time, you finally found the motivation to take up an exercise regime (notice that YOU found it, not IT found you – there’s a lesson even in that), and you’re putting in […]

Vegan vs Vegetarian

So, did you notice how I haven’t done any articles on the Vegan Walkthrough in a while? Well, it wasn’t that I just got fed up of them.. About a month ago, Charlotte (the vegan that our walkthrough was following), decided to make the change from being vegan to instead adopt a vegetarian diet (I […]

Are you not eating enough for weight loss?

Big title, I know. To the unknowing eye, it’s a contradiction, right? You’ve always been taught that it’s about calories in vs calories out that creates weight change. So how can eating more create more weight loss? Well, allow me to explain. Firstly, yes, your body does require that you consume less calories than you […]

What a Vegan MUST Eat (and Charlotte’s Month 1 review)

Now we’re in February and the post-Christmas hype has settled down, we get to see who managed to make it past month 1 of the New Year’s Resolution and will continue to pursue their ideal body and health. It has always bugged me how so many of the people who take up some form or means to improve their health […]

The Vegan Walkthrough: What SHOULD You Eat?

First of all, I’d like to thank everyone so much for the excellent feedback we had on last week’s blog. Which is part of what inspired me for this week’s write up. I had a series of topics to write about for The Vegan Walkthrough, which I was planning on releasing throughout the year. But […]

The Vegan Walkthrough: The Starter Pack

With every major change you make, particularly when it requires this much thought, you have to start with WHY. Although most people become vegan because of animal cruelty, there are also a few other reasons why some people take this path: – longevity (staying alive for longer) – health reasons – ethical reasons – religious […]

6 Ways to Survive Christmas

Roast Potatoes, Honey-Roasted Parsnips, Mince Pies, Christmas Pudding, Christmas Cake, Pigs in Blankets, Turkey & Stuffing, Yorkshire Puddings… What’s that noise? Is that… Your Stomach Rumbling? Oh wait, no! That’s MY stomach rumbling! Why do we save all the best food for Christmas? Because it just makes it that much more special! That’s right, I […]

Say NO to Winter Dieting

Despite the fact that I not a fan (understatement) of the fact that the definition of the word ‘diet’ has been completely abolished and now just means ‘a fixed, automated, unpleasant eating routine to make you lose weight’ My goal is NOT to get you onto or off of a diet, but to get you […]

My 10 Favourite Lies About Developing Admirable Abdominals

At least 80% of the goals I hear relate to either attaining washboard abs or a flat stomach; so in the good name of comedy, I’m going to share some of my favourite ‘jokes’ about achieving that magnificent mid-section. Sit ups and planks everyday is a guaranteed path to what you desire There is no […]

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