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Pre- and Post-Natal: When fear isn’t enough of a reason to hide away

Articles & Research

A few months ago I made the decision to embark on a Pre and Postnatal Exercise Referral Course. This came as a little bit of a shock to those that know me well as I am not exactly the most… relaxed person regarding the subject. In all honesty I have been ever-so-slightly terrified of childbirth […]

Functional Training Part 1: Walking

We always hear people talking about ‘functional training’, and it usually involves flapping some ropes about, tossing a tyre and the occasional swing of a hammer, but really the most ‘functional’ exercises you can do are walking, running, picking stuff up (deadlifts) and getting up/getting down (get ups & squats). So, with the intention of […]

No More Taboo: Synchronising your training with your Menstrual Cycle

Bizarrely, despite the amount of impact it has on diet and exercise, the female menstrual cycle is often deemed an awkward subject to discuss, especially with a male trainer! It often takes a long time (I’m talking up to 6 months) before a female client feels comfortable to talk to me about their period, and […]

9 Step Process to Better Posture

Anyone who has trained at RAW or has even just spoken to me about physique or back pain, will know how much I crack on about posture. But I have good reason. It plays such a huge role in so many goals like: Flat Stomach Pain Relief Strength Injury Prevention Balance Aerobic Endurance And yet […]

3 go-to methods for Increased Mobility

I always go on about the critical importance of having the right form when performing exercises, but with a recent flow of questions regarding flexibility and stretching, I decided it’s time I shed some light on what the best methods are. By going head-first into the industry as a Movement Specialist, I got lots of […]

How To Make Your Own Training Program

I’m fed up of seeing these ready-made, copy-me programs that are sold to you on the basis that the guy who’s selling it looks in great shape… it’s a load of gumf and any half-decent fitness professional will tell you that! I get how the seller thinks it will work though. The majority of them […]

How’s That for 6 Week’s Progress?

Not so long ago, at the beginning of September (9th), Ben Neil (after winning 6 weeks of 1-2-1 training alongside a Personal Trainer) Started his journey with RAW. Ben had a bit of experience training in gyms and at home, but never anything like what his next 6 weeks with RAW would be! When Ben […]

Why does your Lower Back Ache?

Ask a Pro! Low Back Pain (LBP) is such a common thing that most of us just ‘put up with it’ and ‘hope it goes away’.. am I right? Well, I get lots of people come to me for advice about LBP and (to an extent) if I know the cause of the pain, I […]

Why We Don’t Have Cardio Machines and Perhaps Why You Shouldn’t Either

With a title like that, this sounds as if it’s going to be a very self-absorbed, opinionated post but please withhold judgement as the content will actually help you look at cardiovascular exercise differently and really re-think you’re training plan.. or at least help you understand our reasoning a bit more. I constantly get the […]

The 9 Indicators that You’re NOT Training Properly

I’m not judging you for making these mistakes, my intention is to help you STOP making them and help you finally achieve your goals and live a fitter and healthier life. It certainly isn’t uncommon to feel like you’re getting nowhere with your training; it’s even more common to convince yourself you’re doing the right […]

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