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Myth Busting Series part 2 – Carbs!


Nutrition is a subject guaranteed to create debate, with everyone from your doctor to your best friend having an opinion, not to mention all of the online ‘guru’s and ‘wellness influencers’ determined to convince you that carbs are the enemy, gluten is positively deadly and sugar is probably the reason your wife left you. Before […]

Myth Busting Series Pt 1 – Sugar

Well, it has been a hot minute since I put pen to paper as it were, and what better way to ease myself back into article writing than with the completely neutral, uncontentious subject of debunking nutrition myths. Nutrition is a subject guaranteed to create debate, with everyone from your doctor to your best friend […]

Are you ready to fight the good fight?

Hi guys! I started this article thinking that I would write a quick little summin’ summin’ about some amazing podcasts I have been listening to that I thought would be of interest to some of you. However, it turned into a little bit more than that, as I quickly realised that one of the reasons […]

3 Ways to Optimise Your Running Experience

People often say it’s like marmite: you either love running, or you hate it. Like you were predestined to either enjoy it or not enjoy it. But that’s not true. At least for the vast majority of people (and probably you too) Everything you do, you do for a reason right? Even if you aren’t […]

6 Reasons Why You’re Always Hungry

It doesn’t make sense does it? Your body tells you you’re hungry, so you eat. You grab some food, something savoury but quick, and scoff that down to cure the hunger. It doesn’t work. You’re still just as hungry. Perhaps that’s not what your body wanted? Maybe you needed something more sweet? In that goes, […]

Paralysis by Analysis

That’s a really meaningful quote from Voltaire that always helps me refocus my work. Recently, I’ve had a few questions coming through, asking my professional view on some really technical topics: – Insulin Spikes & Carb Cycling – Body Re-Composition – Functional Transfer of Olympic Lifting – Nutrient Timing – Optimal Rep Range for Hypertrophy […]

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