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How’s That for 6 Week’s Progress?

Not so long ago, at the beginning of September (9th), Ben Neil

(after winning 6 weeks of 1-2-1 training alongside a Personal Trainer)

Started his journey with RAW.

Ben had a bit of experience training in gyms and at home, but never anything like what his next 6 weeks with RAW would be!

When Ben first came in for a goal analysis, I asked him:

Why did you enter the competition? And what do you want to achieve?

Ben took a little while to think, then answered:

“I’ve been doing strength training for 3 years now and have barely even changed, so I entered because I realised that training by myself wasn’t getting me anywhere. I just want to get bigger and stronger, especially on my upper body.”

The first bit was excellent to hear, he had started to appreciate the difference that having a professional guiding you can make; he was ready to invest in his health.

But, when I asked Ben what he wanted to achieve, he DID give me an answer, but his answer had no specifics and no real passion behind it; he had only given me the surface answer.

So I dug deeper..

It took quite a while to break down to the core feelings he had and what he really wanted to achieve, but after about 10 minutes of deep conversation and lots of big questions, we managed to find out that what Ben really wanted was:

To be very athletic in cycling whilst gaining muscle mass on my upper body so I can acquire the physique I want and the physical fitness to perform the long distance cycling challenges that I’m becoming really passionate about.

Ben, at the time, was cycling as a hobby.. now he wants to start competing at an amateur level, eventually completing the Land’s End to John O’Groats (top of Scotland to bottom of England).

After lots of planning, together we had laid out quite a journey for Ben over the 6 weeks to follow.

Physical Competence

A Physical Competence Assessment is a process I go through with people that have very specific, physical goals they want to achieve.

We go various movement and performance assessments specific to your goals so we can record where you are right now and our plan of action.

We got straight down to business with the Physical Competence Assessment to establish exactly what his body was moving and performing like at this stage.

Most stats are confidential but Ben has allowed us to disclose the key areas we went through; these are all displayed in the table further on.

From there, we were able to outline the key issues that would get in the way and how we could utilise his strengths to accelerate his development.

The main things we would had to focus on were to develop:

  • Upper body muscle mass (for physique)
  • Lactate resistance (to endure through burn when cycling uphill)
  • Posterior chain connection (for better power when pedalling)
  • Hamstring & Ankle mobility (to reach better positions on bike)
  • Shoulder mobility (to compensate for ‘hunching’ when cycling)

Ben’s first session was an eye-opener to the extent of his postural instability and lower back weakness; we clearly had a few issues to face before we could get straight into the performance side of things.

To allow us to make the necessary changes whilst still attaining the development he was after, Ben and I went through what is known as Daily Undulating Periodisation (DUP) where we would vary the type of training he was doing day by day.

So how did he get on?

6 weeks into the future, Ben had completed his training with me and we recorded the results he got:

I was extremely impressed to see the amount of hard work Ben put in and the results clearly demonstrate that.

I’m so proud of how well Ben has done, there is still much progress to me made before he achieves his long-term goals, but I have no doubt that Ben can achieve ALL his goals within the next 12 months.

Ben is a perfect example of what you can do with the right mindset and an advanced coach by your side.

And that, to those of you who were wondering, is what RAW is all about.

Ben joined RAW under membership instantly after his program and is now more determined than ever to achieve his goals.

Are you ready to set and achieve some real goals with your health and fitness?

Don’t undervalue the importance of body confidence, the feeling of achievement, and how great it is to be full of energy; don’t settle for half-quality training just because it’s cheap.

Membership with RAW is NOT an expenditure; it’s an INVESTMENT.

An investment in YOU

In your body, your appearance, your confidence and your health.

You will NEVER lose out by becoming a member of the RAW community, we guarantee it.

When you join RAW, you’re paying for RESULTS

And if you don’t get those results then we haven’t given you what you paid for – so we’ll give you your money back, in full, without fuss..


But that won’t happen, because I KNOW that what we do works.

So stop holding yourself back from the body you desire, take your health seriously and enquire about membership now

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