Goal Analysis

Goal Analysis

To ensure that we are always offering you training that is entirely specified to your needs, goals and current level of fitness, we deliver Goal Analysis completely Free of Charge in order to monitor your progress and design new goals for you to achieve that will contribute to your main end goal.

The Goal Analysis lasts 30 minutes and will take you from the first minute to the last, diving deep into your goals to establish your core motives and feelings, and establishing how you can get there.

This is a very personal session between you and your advanced coach. We have a few processes that we will take you through to help you unlock your mind and start understanding WHY you are here.

You don’t have to be a member to have one of these, so please feel free to use this session to get a better understanding of what we offer and how we can set you on the right course to achieve your goals.

If, at the end of the session, you would prefer to work on your goals elsewhere then that’s totally fine and you can take that goal analysis content with you so you have a much higher chance of achieving your goals.

To request your FREE Goal Analysis, please fill out this form and we’ll be in touch shortly after to get a better idea of what you want and to arrange for that Goal Analysis session.

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