Freedom of Movement

Freedom of Movement

At RAW, we train you for long term health development, so movement quality is an essential part of what we do.
Unfortunately, you often won’t notice the effects it has on you until it improves or becomes severely inhibiting to your quality of life.
You may not already know this, but having a good range of joint mobility and posture can:
– Make breathing easier
– Relieve back pain
– Prevent most injuries
– Improve digestion
– Dramatically improve aesthetics
– Improve sleep
– Increase mental health
– Improve physical performance
– Decrease recovery time

Our semi-private movement training sessions allow us to treat issues like, immobility, instability, imbalances, and posture.

We offer a full 30-minute session that includes a precise assessment, followed by a program of exercises and drills that will have short and long term benefits – the session occupies a maximum of three people who will receive their own personal assessment and exercises.

To request a movement assessment, or to find out more info, put your contact details in the box below and I’ll be in touch to explain everything in more detail and find out a bit more about what we can do for you.

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