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My 4 Key Summer-Ready Tips

Over winter, most people get into the habit where they just sit at home when it’s cold outside, with a glass of wine and biscuits.. but winter is over now.

It might feel cold outside but spring is actually here.

And that means that Summer is just around the corner!

So its very last time to get started on your Summer body.

It’s usually around this time that people start taking up gym memberships and crazy diets.. but before you go ahead with that, you might want to listen in.

I often get asked for tips on getting a great Summer body and here is what I tell them.

My advice would be, if you would like to have a slim overall body, put these 4 key points into action before summer comes around.

1. The Right Way To ‘Tone’ Your Tummy

When you think of toning your stomach, you probably think of sit ups & crunches because they make your abdominals work and they look like the right thing to do. Yes, sit ups are good for training your abs, but is exercising this muscle even what you want to be doing?

Performing abdominal exercises will train those muscles and, if done correctly, can increase the size of the muscle..

but is small abs the reason why your stomach doesn’t look great?

Let’s be honest, what you really should be doing is losing fat off your stomach and small, isolative, low load sit ups are one of the least calorific exercises you can be doing.

Instead, if you perform other exercises like BURPEES, BEAR CRAWLS, STAR JUMPS, DEADLIFTS, KETTLEBELL SWINGS, PULL UPS and SQUATS, this will make a much bigger difference on the body you rock out with this Summer!

2. Master The Basics

Most people don’t take in enough water daily. By adding more water to your daily life style, you’ll feel more energetic and your body will contain the right amount of water to make sure you don’t get dehydrated. Also, 5 a day is the recommend scientific amount of vegetables or fruit you should eat daily to receive a well-rounded intake of vitamins and minerals for your body to get you through your a day.

It often gets swept to the side because we already know it, but if you can get these right, your results will definitely improve.

3. Optimal Sleep

Importance of good and regular rest/sleep. Not receiving the right amount of sleep will put you at risk of stress which can then affect your entire daily life style. Your body recovers better and faster if you maintain a good sleep regime, which would lead to your goals that you have chose to reach for your self. Without taking into consideration the amount of exercise and stress you have in your routine, an adult should sleep around 8 hours daily to maintain good health. It doesn’t have to be just night sleep, but also napping in the day for 20-40 minutes is a good way to add up your 8 hours.

4. Keep It Personal

We often get drawn to success stories and testimonials because it means that something worked for someone else, forgetting that we are not them and what you do should be specific to your body and your lifestyle.

What works for someone else, may not work for you

There is a lot that goes into treating your body right, like:

– Energy you use

– How many calories you take in

– Exercise you do in day

– Stress

– Moods/mentality

– Immunity system

– Posture

– Metabolism

To make sure you’re getting this all right and you stay on track, have a professional design your plan with you.

Most people say that PT is not for them because they’re not fit enough to get the most out of it, but it is when you’re at your least fit that you need the most help to make sure you’re doing what is right for you and will suit your level of fitness.

Your Personal Trainer is the person that will guide you to achieving your goal and support you on the journey.

By having a Personal Trainer, you will learn more about your goals and weaknesses and discover the best way to involve these in the design of your plan.

At RAW, we also support other important factors like your mental wellbeing and proneness to injuries.

[You can find out more about how we can help you by clicking here]

To help you reach your summer body goal, comment on this post with what your goal is and how you’re going to achieve this and I’ll give you all the advice & tips to ensure you get there and feel great for it!

Thanks for reading and I look forward to watching your progress over the next few months!

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