Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition Coaching

Isn’t It A LOT Of Faff?

Preparing Meals
Buying the right Ingredients
Cooking from Scratch
Working out Requirements
Getting the right Supplements
Measuring Portions
Learning Calories
Avoiding easy-to-eat Junk Food
Keeping Variety in Your Diet

It’s a lot of hard work, right?

I mean, I could handle it if it was the ‘Big Push’ kind of hard work.
Like a challenge you can complete.
But it’s not.
It takes time, energy, attention and determination for this kind of hard work.

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You’ve probably spent hours reading up about all the new, fantastic diet supplements that have all your answers and will save you from having to do the hard work?
You knew there was a reason why other people were getting great results and you weren’t.

And along comes Sam, your local nutrition nerd.

He shines some sunlight on your magic pill and suddenly it evaporates.

Leaving you right where you started.

But if it’s any consolation, he offers you some advice:

Do the hard work all over again.

Well, isn’t that just great?

What’s missing here? How come some people are breezing it and you’re there, stuck in a rut, thinking “If I hear the word ‘Superfood’ one more time..”

The problem ISN’T that they have the secret formula that you don’t

(this is the hard truth, I’m afraid)

The problem with nutrition is that we’re not letting it be simple and boring

Unfortunately, the truth is that it’s not an easy journey and you HAVE to be willing to step outside your comfort zone in order to get this stuff nailed and to progress.

But that doesn’t mean it has to be unpleasant.

The reality is that the reason why you’re not there yet is because it’s tough, enduring and out of your comfort zone.. it’s everything I mentioned at the beginning.
And the key to moving forward is

Finding Comfort in Good Nutrition

If you want to achieve all these goals that you always set, then you’ve got to face up to the fact that it isn’t easy.
And if you want to start making progress and pursuing that idea of ‘optimum nutrition’, you’ve got 2 options:

Number 1. You accept the task, get advice on the right method for you, find a great coach who can take you on the best route for you, and you venture forth, equipped with all the best tools for the job.

Number 2. You accept the task, take a guess at what you need, go it alone and give it a good shot.

I’m not going to tell you that you need my help, because sometimes people figure things out on their own and achieve amazing things.

But all I’ll say is that what I do works, and the stuff that I coach to you is from a history of success stories and knowledge, not just my own coaching experience, but that of those experts who I have invested time and money into learning from.

If you want my help, click the button below and I’ll show you the way that has WORKED for so many before you.

If not, then I just advise you to be smart with your choices and trust what the research says, not what a google search says.
And of course, you’ll want to refer to the list I gave at the top of the page

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