Our Mission

Our Mission

Our Mission

To develop individuals who love their body, enjoy their lifestyle and appreciate their health!


The Fitness Industry needs something different:
Gyms have facilities
Fitness Classes are fun
Personal Trainers are bespoke
they don’t teach you how to train and develop
they are generalised and don’t progress
they are too expensive for most people

RAW is the difference:


We design every member a plan and train them through every exercise

We make everything about the individual and their goals

We train in small groups which cuts down the price of having a personal trainer


We want to bring the massive benefits of having a trainer at your side to everyone, so you can train safely, effectively and enjoyably for the long term!

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We don’t sell sessions; We sell results.

The way I see it, and you should too, is that it doesn’t matter what price you’re paying if you’re not getting results.

If you’re investing money into becoming slimmer, feeling stronger or getting healthier, then going to a cheap gym for £20 a month, but doesn’t get you any results – because you have no one helping you choose the right exercises and perform them properly – is a WASTE of £20 a month!


You need a service that is led and designed by advanced professionals, who take time to consider your level of fitness and your end goal, so you can fully believe that what you’re doing is going to get you there.


We are RAW and results are what we specialise in.

We understand the human body, and we take your health seriously BEFORE we start throwing equipment around or radically changing your body.

We understand that commitment is ALWAYS required to achieve REAL results, so we ensure that you enjoy your training, are being challenged in a motivational way and are in the best environment for success

WITHOUT picking up injuries from bad techniques and unsuited exercises.

There are so few people that manage to stick with a ‘diet’ or exercise regime for more than 6 months, and this is usually because they stop seeing results; at least enough for them to stop believing in the process.


We need to do what we can to help you, not just in the short-term, but in the medium and long-term.

We build your program around lasting results and health longevity – not just extreme exercises that excessively stress your body into dropping tons of fat or packing on tons of muscle and then resulting in injuries or a rapid return to where you started – it’s not healthy and it’s not sustainable.

We promise to fulfil the meaning of our name, RAW, by stripping back the fads and nonsense, and redesigning the structure of training programmes to make them match up to the exact goals and capabilities of you as an individual person.


We are not like gyms

Because we never leave you to ‘get on with things’, we are always by your side supporting and coaching you to achieve the best possible outcome and make sure you’re training correctly and, more importantly, enjoying the process!


We are not like fitness classes

Because every session leads on from the last in a specific design to achieve your goals.


We are not like 1-2-1 training

Because we create a group environment of like-minded people that will motivate each other to work harder and have fun whilst doing it!

We are advanced experts in how the body moves and how to get the desired response from your training.

We love what we do and it shows – you’ll be in an environment of fun, positivity and success!

We give you a service that is specifically designed with YOUR goals in mind so that we can take you from any stage in life and fitness, to exactly where you want to be.
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