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Paralysis by Analysis

That’s a really meaningful quote from Voltaire that always helps me refocus my work.

Recently, I’ve had a few questions coming through, asking my professional view on some really technical topics:

– Insulin Spikes & Carb Cycling

– Body Re-Composition

– Functional Transfer of Olympic Lifting

– Nutrient Timing

– Optimal Rep Range for Hypertrophy

– Etc, etc

And it’s great that people are asking questions and becoming more knowledgeable about what they’re doing, and I’m happy to offer the answers to these questions..

But the unfortunate thing is that we’re getting too wrapped up in trying to get the ‘perfect program’ and ‘optimal diet’ that we miss out some of the most crucial parts.. like actually doing some sort of exercise!

Unless you are an elite level athlete, the time of day that you consume your fats (for example) is going to play a very (and I mean very) little role on how well you train and the results you get.

We’re getting sold into the science of all these things, and neglecting the basic stuff that actually delivers the results.

Sure, taking a 500mg capsule of L-Carnitine 15 minutes before a workout may increase your output by up to 5%, but that 5% is worth next to nothing compared to getting your calories on point.

If you don’t know your calories yet, then I’d suggest clicking here to have us design you a personalised nutritional plan

Bring it back to the simple stuff, get that right first, then you can consider whether you need to be looking at the effects of supplementation.

But that’s not entirely what this post is about – what we’re looking at is the effect this ‘perfectionist mentality’ has on your PRODUCTIVITY.

Hence the name of this write-up

Paralysis by Analysis

It’s frustrating to see people saying that it’s pointless them training because they can only do it twice a week. It may not be the best training frequency, but it’s a whole lot better than nothing!

And this is what happens with people, waiting for the right time to sign up to a training program:

They want to do things perfectly and so they wait until the right time comes along.

‘I’ll just wait until the Monday after next, because I’ve got a meal-out to go to next week’

.. Well that’s then 10 days of progress you could have been making that you’re giving up!

Do you know how much you’d benefit from 10 days of training?!

In what logic does a meal out, however unhealthy the food may be, justify a 10-day delay to exercise? If anything, it gives MORE REASON to train for those 10 days.
Yeah, the ‘perfect’ option would be to just not go to the meal and train for the 10 days; but the worst option is to have the meal and NOT train for 10 days.

So what option’s left?

A healthy medium – a GOOD OPTION.

You go out for your meal, accept that it’s not going to be the most nutritious meal you’ve ever had, and get in 10 days worth of training to bring you further ahead with your goal.

– Not able to drop that 10% body fat in the 10 weeks before your holiday?

Well I’m sure 5% is a lot better than 0%.

– Don’t have time before work to have an hour long workout?

Well there’s a lot you can do in half an hour!

– Not got your nutrition sorted yet?

Well why make it worse without exercise?

Honestly guys, no offense, but these kinds of EXCUSES drive me nuts!

And I know it’s not your fault, you’ve been taught by everyone you know and everything you see, that Comfort is a Good Thing.

Well guess what – THEY LIED

Comfort is the ENEMY of progress

And, with everything in life, you can either pick: comfort or progress?

– Want to look awesome and feel awesome? Well you’re going to have to work hard and be uncomfortable.

– Want the vitality and energy levels that come from good nutrition? You’re going to have to LEARN (<<<key word in all of this) good nutrition.. which by the way is not easy and is not comfortable.

That’s something that you’ve just got to embrace.

Discomfort = Challenge = Progress = Development

It really is common sense, but our minds are very good at keeping us in our comfort zone and making us let perfect be the enemy of good.

Your brain will physically make you think about all the tiny details that make the squiddliest of difference and search for a reason to





But you can override this.

In fact, sometimes you just need to hear it from someone else to initiate your own personal thought and actually start putting your intentions into action, so here you go:

Stop wasting time focussing on all the little details and waiting for the perfect moment! It doesn’t exist!

I’m going to tell you a super secret that only successful people no..

Perfectionism is Procrastination in Disguise

That’s the most important piece of information in this entire blog so make sure you write it down and say it to yourself everytime you start to say the words “I’ll think about it”

Concentrate on getting the simple stuff right, consistently, and you will achieve great things!

So, how many of you were getting ready to correct that misspelling a moment ago?

Yep, I’m talking to you, the so-called ‘perfectionists’.

Now stop it.

You no what was intended and it makes little-to-know difference to the quality of the content you could be getting from this.

So ignore it.

Because there are more important things to focus on!

Hope this message helps you refocus your time and get some goals achieved.

You know how it goes, if you enjoyed and benefitted from this article, then it’s only fair that you share with those you know.

And if you have anything you want my help with, put it in the comments or send me an email and I’ll be happy to share with you what I know.

Until next time, have an awesome weekend and I’ll see you next week with even more juicy content!


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