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Pessimistic Optimism and The Truth You Probably Don’t Want To Hear

When I write these blogs, I try to crack into your heads and find some hidden questions you have about health, fitness, exercise, nutrition, etc.

(It’s a lot easier if you just tell me what you want to know)

For some reason, there are only a select few topics that people feel confident asking fitness professionals about; everything else gets locked away inside and hidden from the people who might have the answers.

Perhaps it is out of fear of ridicule? Or perhaps it’s that we, as humans, spend too much time wrapped in our thoughts and not enough time establishing why we think these thoughts in the first place.

Anyway, I’m getting sidetracked…

The point is that I’ve been spending a lot of time lately, just asking our members and friends various questions to start to understand what answers I haven’t given you yet that you’re subconsciously waiting for me to give you.

Since the Big Reveal last weekend, we had a lot of new people taking interest and so I’ve had the chance to ask lots of questions about goals, passions, motivations and similar subjects.

But there was one question that kept sparking a lot of interest and everyone was eager to know the answer:

Why have you not achieved your goal before?

It’s a bit of a mean question to ask because I know that the answer you give is going to be wrong (or at least not the MOST right answer you could give).

I usually get responses similar to:

  • I lost motivation
  • I didn’t work hard enough
  • I wasn’t strict with my diet
  • I didn’t commit properly
  • I didn’t have enough time

All sounding familiar? Yeah, I thought they might.

And yes, you could probably argue that you were right, but ultimately the core reason is because:

You didn’t know how to beat your excuses

Now, before I get some very angry mobs at my door for making such a rude and presumptuous statement, hear me out.

When I say excuse, I mean a reason for why something did or didn’t happen, regardless of whether it is valid or not.

I use this word because some excuses are just false justifications whilst others are genuine explanations for why something could not happen.

But the point I’m making is that you weren’t prepared for them.

All those excuses I listed are things that WILL happen to EVERYONE at some point – so you’ve got to have contingency plans and systems in place for how to get past them.

If you’re genuinely starting your training for health or fitness or appearance, then you’re not ever going to want to stop – take some time to let that sink in.

So, if you’re planning for the long term, then these things WILL happen because that’s just life!

And how prepared are you for all of those excuses? For when life gets in the way?

Do you know how to combat them and achieve your goals despite them?

Because, if you don’t, it’s all gonna crash and burn when the fit hits the shan.

Now what is that truth that you probably don’t want to hear?

Well, in order to prepare for these things to happen, you’re going to have to do some homework and create a plan that will have you kicking their booties when they step in on your territory.

That goal and dream-body are yours to pursue and achieve, and you have to protect them – guard them like they’re your babies!

Preparing for failure

This is actually very different to ‘preparing to fail’ – we’re focussing on defence rather than acceptance.

If you become aware of what negatives might occur, you can prepare for them and therefore be able to achieve your goals more successfully.

I call it Optimistic Pessimism.

So, take a moment now and consider what the most likely excuses might be.

List them all out and don’t be afraid to put the obvious or the obscure down; they all need to be acknowledged.

Now, with each one, write out a series of scenarios where that might occur. There might be just one or there could be 10 but, like I say, write them all down so you can be fully prepared.

Finally, with each of these scenarios, I want you to write out exactly what you can do to combat these excuses and either not let them impact you or just limit the amount of distraction they will cause.

Designing an ‘if-all-else-fails’ procedure

Although you’ve now made all these back up plans and defence mechanisms, we must still remember that you’re living in the real world and sometime even the backup plan will fall apart and you need have the necessary steps in place to recover from this and know exactly what to do.

This is your ‘if-all-else-fails’ procedure.

The master plan that will always prevail, the way you will never be completely stuck. This will always be there to rescue you from this unpredictable world.

Usually, I can give people a straight up answer for them that will never fail.

But I’m not in front of you and I have no idea what you’re like, what your goal is like or what excuses you have laid out so unfortunately I can’t give you the answer for this one.

But what I can do, is offer you a FREE Goal Analysis session where I can refine your goals, sharpen up what you’ve figured out so far and help you design your if-all-else-fails procedure to make you impenetrable for any excuse that may come your way.

I love helping people toward success and know how disheartening failure can be; I don’t want you to ever have to answer the question again:

Why have you not achieved your goal before?

I’m not going to use it as some sales tactic, I’m just going to help you as much as I can in half an hour and offer you our services to help you achieve that goal with me working beside you; but the main thing is that you come out of that Goal Analysis feeling pumped, motivated and indestructible on your pursuit of the body you want.

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend and find a bit of time in it to get some serious content written down so you can start next week with an action plan and a confidence in your ability to make it happen!

Be brave and tell me what you want to learn and I’ll be sure to get something written up so you can eat, sleep train and live smarter!

If this blog has helped you in any way then please don’t hide in the shadows, let me know with a like or give me some feedback so I can always improve the service I provide.

Bye bye for now!

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