Running Training

Running Training

Are you ready to start running?
Or perhaps you’ve already got some mileage under your belt?

Either way, beginner or advanced, one vital thing that affects the performance of every single runner is technique!

Have an expert analyse your technique and dramatically improve your performance and protection from injury –


We’re all focusing on what gadgets and kit to wear and making sure we track our mileage and speed, that we forget that this isn’t as simple as putting one foot in front of the other!

Though it may seem rather easy, there are a lot of factors that go into developing an injury-free, efficient running technique:

– Speed Output

– Foot Strike

– Ankle Positioning

– Stride Length and Height

– Step Cadence

– Breathing Pace and Depth

– Posture

– Muscular Activation

– and so much more!

There is vast room for error and that is why 79% of runners claim to have injured themselves running.

Running delivers repetitive impact onto a series of joints and demands a lot from your muscles and tendons in order to support the impacts. If this isn’t happening in an efficient or safe manner then you WILL injure yourself.

Don’t believe the hype and the salesmen: There is NOT a one size fits all technique!

Your body size, shape, weight, composition, limb length, torso length, musculature and fibre dominance all massively alter the way you SHOULD be running.

And even with these all taken into account, there’s still the matter of what flexibility, mobility, stability and other lifestyle habits that you’ve accumulated that must be undone or catered for.

There really isn’t a simple answer and it certainly is a question that needs answering if you want to stay clear of injuries and perform at your best.

We are experts in the correction of running technique and have helped prevent and relieve runners of so many different injuries, like:

– Shin Splints

– Piriformis Syndrome (Similar to Sciatica)

– Plantar Fasciitis (Foot Arch Pain)

– Achilles Tendonitis (Lower Leg Pain)

– Hamstring and Calf Pulls

– Chondromalacia (Knee Cap Pain)

But looking at the other end of the spectrum, here’s are some of the accomplishments we have helped people achieve:

– Run 1st ever mile

– Compete in Triathlon

– Finish Marathon in under 3 hours

– Complete first 10k in under 1 hour

– Lose 7% body fat

Regardless of whether you want to become the best or just shave off some belly fat, technique is going to play one of the biggest, most unappreciated roles in your performance and running life.

You should definitely take deep consideration into whether you are happy to continue running, knowing that you are putting excessive, continuous impact on joints that could be in a very injury-prone position.

If you want confidence, development, assessment and reassurance then get booked in now before you set off on your next run and we’ll be sure to have you on the road to technique optimisation.

Running Technique Training is a poorly-known specialty that is gradually making it’s way to mainstream and RAW are at the forefront of that – we are offering a service where a running and movement expert will physically assess your technique and help you to develop and improve this technique so you’ll never have to worry about any of those common runners’ injuries.

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