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Sam’s Fitness Bucketlist

As you progress your fitness, it’s important to keep the fire burning and keep pushing yourself towards a goal. I personally did so with what I called ‘my fitness bucketlist’. In this blog I’ll be delving into the makings of my bucketlist and how you can create one that is relevant to you.

First of all, here is the bucketlist:

Bench Press 1.5x Body Weight – Back Squat 2.5x Body Weight – Deadlift 3x Body Weight – Overhead Squat Body Weight – Clean 1.5x Body Weight – Standing Shoulder Press Body Weight – 50 Strict Unbroken Push-Ups – 30 Strict Unbroken Dips – 15 Unbroken Handstand Push-Ups – 5 Unbroken Muscle Ups – 5 Minute Mile – Row 2000m in 7 Minutes – 100 Burpees in 5 Minutes – 100m Sprint in 13 Seconds …All With Under 10% Body Fat

I know, it ain’t gonna be easy!!

But that’s what makes it so good! It combines every component of fitness together and has a direct correlation to your bodyweight (A.K.A. Relative Strength).

Now although this is something that would serve everyone well to be able to accomplish, it isn’t necessarily for everyone. Did that make sense? Well, what I’m saying is, although it may be something that would test anyone, I personalised this to ME and for you to make your own, you must personalise it to YOU.

So, onto the content you wanted to see.

To develop something like this that is relevant to you, you must first define what fitness is to you.

To do so, you should consider a role model or particular physique/fitness that you feel relates to what you desire.

Now you must take time to understand the components that contribute to this ideal fitness.

These components are what will be the basis of your fitness bucketlist.

Simply work out what physical capabilities or stats you would have to achieve to be representative of this component and you’re there!

As a template, why not try out this idea I mustered up for the determined fitness seeker (don’t expect it to be easy!):


25 unbroken press ups/15 unbroken press ups

10 unbroken pull ups/8 unbroken pull ups

7 minute mile/8 minute mile

1.5x bodyweight squat/1.25x bodyweight squat

3 minute plank/2.5 minute plank

50 burpees in 4 minutes/ 50 burpees in 4.5 minutes

2x bodyweight deadlift/1.5x bodyweight deadlift

Performed under 10% bodyfat/15% bodyfat

Good luck! And for help with making one specific to you or towards achieving your fitness bucketlist, pop us a membership enquiry and we’ll sort you out!

Thanks Muchly,


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