Semi PT

Individual goals,
programming and training
in a group setting

A more affordable way
to get the results
you deserve

Semi PT

Semi PT

Looking for personal training but for one reason or another it is not currently an option for you? We understand – 1 to 1 personal training is hugely beneficial and a fantastic, life changing investment, however it does come with a price tag that for many is out of reach.

Why should personal training be just for the wealthy or elite?

This is why RAW developed Semi Personal Training, which put simply is personal training for no more than 5 people at a time, instead of just one, who are in the same session and all working toward their own individual goals following their own bespoke programme.

The session is facilitated by an instructor who ensures that everyone is executing their programme in the most safe and effective manner, who can give exercise regressions and progressions as necessary and ensure everyone is feeling motivated and happy! Semi Personal Training reduces the cost of 1 to 1 training, making high end, specialised training affordable to everyone.

In a Semi Personal Training session you can expect to feel an amazing sense of community and camaraderie, you’ll experience what it is like to train with a highly qualified trainer and learn lots of new exercises and training styles along the way.

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