From nutrition coaching
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Specialist Training

There are some areas that cannot be fully addressed in either a Semi Personal Training or 1 to 1 sessions, which is why we offer the additional services below.


Nutrition plays a monumental part of training and is something that many people struggle with. Whether it is choosing the most beneficial foods, meal timing or caloric intake, our in house Nutrition Coach, Sam, is able to offer educated guidance and support. We understand that there is not a ‘one size’ fits all diet and therefore we work alongside you to help you find the most sustainable and enjoyable eating habits. Fad diets be gone!

Strength & Conditioning

Strength & Conditioning is an advanced method of training that is directed at sports athletes and competitors, focussing on the development of strength and optimum conditioning for the specific environment in which you compete. This training is used alongside your own sport-specific training to improve quality of fitness and skill in your sport. We can provide this for any sport and have already shown big improvements in the performance of some of our athletes.

Movement Training and Injury Rehabilitation

Unless you take extra care and give special attention to the way your body moves and they way you hold yourself, you’re likely to have developed a fault in your biomechanical movement.

Where there is an instability at a joint, there is usually a counteractive immobility on the opposing muscle/movement to compensate.

These compensations will blend seamlessly into a sedentary lifestyle and gradually become worse over time.

When you come to train, if you do not accomodate for any of these issues, you will be at serious risk of injury and will most-likely further establish your imbalance by building on bad foundations

To combat these common issues and solidify a strong base-level of movement freedom and stability each member receives a complimentary Movement Session per month to address any niggles that can crop up, and we also offer specific Movement Session Plans to those that have more specific or severe issues.

Running Technique Analysis

Are you a runner? Or do you want to start? Either way, the most important thing is to get your technique sorted before you train in an injury-prone movement pattern.

Running places a lot of stress on muscles and joints and, without proper training, your likelihood of getting injured is more than 50%.

As experts in running, with qualifications in Running Fitness and Running Technique Analysis
RAW are your must-have tool to improve your performance on the road and avoid injuries from repetitive impact.


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