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Gill Henley Smith

Q1. What was the driving force behind your decision to join RAW? For example: Doctor recommendation, a friend/ family referral or your own research.
A friend waxed lyrical about the benefits of joining the gym and having personalised exercise programme. Following on from a fracture and muscle damage in two separate incidents last year, I made the decision that I needed help to strengthen the weak parts of my body! I have not regretted the decision to join RAW at all!

Q2. What have you enjoyed the most since joining RAW? For example: meeting new people, learning new exercises/skills.
I can’t believe how much I enjoy the exercises that I do in my Movement Training sessions. The sessions are tailored to my needs and are not only challenging but enjoyable. The support and encouragement given by all the members of the RAW team is fantastic and very much appreciated. The other people who use RAW soon became friends so there Is a real shared community feeling.

Q3. What has been you proudest moment or achievement? For example: a personal best, improvement of a medical condition or simply that you have been dedicated and not missed a session!
I am so pleased that I feel stronger in my body, feel that my posture has improved and can actually complete a set of exercises, a few increasing weight even! Apart from holidays I have not missed a session!

Q.4 Would you recommend RAW and if so, why?
I would most definitely recommend RAW. The personalised training and exercise programme is different for every session and is completely tailored to my needs, a few playing to my strengths but also challenging weaknesses which show improvement over time. Sam, Steff and Karen are so supportive, encouraging and knowledgeable. No one is judged and made to feel intimidated.

Q.5 Anything else you would like to add, feel free to say as little or as much as you would like!
I never expected to say that I enjoy being pushed with exercises out of my comfort zone! If there is an exercise that proves difficult then Sam, Steff or Karen find other ways to work on that part of the body through another type of exercise or skills which results in a great sense of achievement. You are all quite simply superb.


Chris, After 12 Months





Val, After 6 Months

“At RAW I have achieved more results in 6 months than I did working out in a mainstream gym for 8 years.

I love the fact that every workout is tailored to fit my personal goals.

It’s never boring at RAW because every workout is different and aimed at different muscle groups.

Thanks to RAW not only my physical health improved but also my general wellbeing. I feel more focused and ready to take on new challenges.

It is worth every penny and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their lifestyle”

Physical Stats

TestPull-UpsPistol SquatSleepPower Clean
Before3 partials1/5 Score6 hours, disruptedUnable
After7 full reps5/5 Score8 hours, through45kg

Chris, After 3 Months


Physical Stats

“Pre-RAW I was out of shape. I literally felt heavy! I do love exercising, but I’d lost my love for it and was out of my routine after moving jobs. Joining RAW appealed as it seemed different and I knew that semi-personal training would make me get better and not rely on my own self-motivation which had been lost somewhere along the line.

I’ve never had an interest in getting ‘buff’, but I’ve always been interested in getting fit. Which is why the results were brilliant – stronger, leaner, healthier. I noticed it every day – for example, carrying heavy equipment at work became amazingly easy! I slept better and had much more energy.

The best thing about training at RAW was that it was different. I’ve been in many gyms but I’ve never done the stuff that Sam got me doing. Varied and challenging but adaptable. Having Sam there to push you, but also assist you, meant training felt rewarding and productive rather than just hard work.”


100 Burpees12.38 minutes8.45 minutes
Pull Ups2 reps7 reps
Overhead Squat1/5 score4/5 score
Body Fat Percent36%30%

Ben, After 6 Weeks

Q: What would you say to someone who was unsure whether to go to RAW or not?

A: “Try RAW before going to a commercial gym. You’ll get a lot more focus on YOU rather than getting a carbon copy of what everyone else gets, going from machine to machine.”

Ben started at RAW after winning 6-week’s training in a competition we held in September 2015.

It was clear in the goal analysis which we had before he began, that Ben wanted to get bigger.

He was unhappy with the progress he had in improving his size and shape from 3 years training in a gym, and then he found RAW.

“Each session was different.. it was a lot more intense than what I was used to, which helped me realise what I had been doing wrong before; I’ve definitely noticed a difference.”

In 6 weeks, Ben had more development in size and strength than he had over the past 3 years!

“Shape-wise, I look in the mirror and I can see that my back is more v-shaped, my chest is more defined, definitely my shoulders are more defined, and my legs have got a lot bigger.”

Ben had a very weak lower back when we began which affected the layout of his training, meaning that he wasn’t able to perform deadlifts at all (an exercise that would be fundamental in his programme).

But with some advanced training protocols we managed to strengthen it up, and by the end of the 6 weeks we had him lifting 85kg with excellent technique!

“..we found out that I had a real weakness in my lower back and, since we corrected that weakness, I think my posture has got a lot better and I can feel the difference in my whole back. Everything seems to be more solid and controlled in everything I do.”


Physical Stats

Back Squat70kg115kg
Pull Ups6 reps11 reps
Overhead Squat1/5 score4/5 score
Bench Press65kg77.5kg


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