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What makes a diet ‘healthy’?

How would you love to have a diet that is tasty, easy, uplifting and effective? Yeah, I’ve felt the same way.

This topic is one I’m quite passionate about so expect a lot of content from this week’s blog.

I won’t waste any more time than necessary so let’s just jump straight in.

Many people search far and wide to find a ‘healthy’ diet that works, and is easy to do. Often just leading to more confusion and more frustration.. OR disappointment when it’s so unrealistic you CAN’T stick to it.

Why does this happen? Because we don’t really know what we’re looking for!

We’re just throwing a line in the ocean and seeing what bites.

And nutrition is a welly of an ocean to go fishing in! Every study, press release, magazine article, nutritionist and fitness professional wants to tell you to do it THEIR way.. but they all say something different!

How can such a studied topic be so unclear and polarised with opinions?

Well, because the unfortunate truth is that almost everyone goes into it with a first conclusion bias. We see something that resonates with our current view and subconsciously take bias towards it before we’ve even heard the other side; it happens. And I’ve been there too.

So here’s a comprehensive, concise and utterly transparent way of finding YOUR ‘healthy’ diet that you’ll still be enjoying and getting benefits from in years to come.

Start small – too often we see a diet as something that requires dramatic transformation in order to be applied. Like we must empty our cupboards, throw a molotov into the kitchen and dance around the fire chanting ‘die junk, die!’ Make small steps at a time. Usually have 2 bars of chocolate a day? cut down to one. Always have the same shop-bought, jarred foods? Try make one at home.

(Bit over-the top maybe?)

Enjoy The Journey – it’s a collected view that healthy food means boring, dry and less tasty. Challenge that view. Make it your goal to create meals that are both nutritious and enjoyable. Like our Facebook page to keep up-to-date with all of our best recipes.

Be persistent – it would just be delightful if everything went swimmingly on the first go, but be realistic and understand that there’s an element of trial and error when it comes to discovering your diet. So stick with it and you won’t ever have to struggle with it again (what a thought hey?)

Teamwork – It can be tough to keep trying when you’re alone with your own negative thoughts. So try to find someone else who you can do it with, who you can work together with to overcome the obstacles you might face along the way. We have our own growing community on Facebook who you can share and comment with for help on meal ideas and troubleshoots.

(Yeah! Teamwork!)

Treat Yourself – There are 2 sides to this debate but somewhere in the middle seems to be just right for most. I say, don’t make it a routine to treat yourself to something unhealthy – that’s missing the point – but also, don’t get wrapped up in the diet and think that one drop of ice cream melting on your tongue is going to inflate you like a balloon. When you can avoid unhealthy foods, do so (with a pat on the back). When you’re really struggling, switch off the anti-junk surveillance cameras for a minute and just remember to switch them back on once you’ve done your business.

(glazed donuts, my personal weakness)

Make It Your Own – The most important thing to remember is that you are the only you there has ever or will ever be, and your diet should follow suit. Start to learn what works for you and what doesn’t; listen to your body and make a note of what fills you up and what gets you ready for a workout.

Invest In Your Health – As much as there is lots of information floating around out there for you to find, there are people out there who can help you through this process of making the last diet you’ll ever need. RAW are specialists in nutrition and understand the importance of making a diet that you enjoy, you feel the effects of and you can realistically work around your lifestyle. If you want to see how we can help, apply for membership or just send Sam an E-mail with any questions you may have.

That’s my rant done for today.

Hope you enjoyed it and, of course, if you did then please like and share this on Facebook.

I look forward to next Friday where I’ll be telling you all about what your Circadian Rhythm is and how, when properly implemented, it can be far more effective than any supplement you can find.

If you would like to make a suggestion for our next topic of blog then please tell us in the comment box below or send Sam a private message.

Thanks muchly,


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